What is “chasing shadows?”

Chasing shadows is a 15-minute 16:9 HD student film written, directed and produced by Joseph Eulo. A Union County College Alumni attending the New School University studying Film. Production begins on April 20th in Brooklyn NY and on Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd in Ocean City New Jersey.

What is the Film About?

The film is set in the family resort town of Ocean City, a 2-½ mile wide barrier island in southern New Jersey. The narrative is centered on a day in the life of little Anthony Heavens, a 9-year-old boy who wanders the streets and boardwalk of this small barrier island in search of himself, his father and his own place in the world.

Abandoned by his war-torn father and abused by his alcoholic mother. Anthony is reminded of his loss through his mother’s violence and from the people he meets on the streets of a city known to be “America’s Greatest Family Resort.”  After discovering his father’s whereabouts, Anthony sets out to find him. Along the way he must face his fears, confront the neighborhood bully, and outwit a determined truant officer. Will little Anthony find what he is looking for? Or will he roam the streets, beaches, and boards of this small barrier island chasing shadows?


Who is Involved?

Writer/Director/Producer: Joseph Eulo

Production Company:  NULL and VOID Productions in collaboration with the Indie Film Collective and The Dedicated Actors Group (DAG)

Executive Producer(s): Mark Soifer, Flossi Micciolo

Producer(s) (NYC): Nicole Drayton, Alex Moscato, and Anthony Sepulveda

Producer(s) (OCNJ): Peggy Hoy, Joe Brenner, and Denise Burns

Cast: Elijah Rey Hernandez, Taina Elena, Yaron Urbas, Oev Urbas, Jason Simba, Yoseph Haredy, Jennifer Johnston, Anna Ladner, Chris Kardos, Ruby Doran, Gilberto De La Fuente, Tom Kramer.

Crew: Suzette Reyes, Todd Nickens, Earl Harris, Nicole Drayton, Alex Moscato, Anthony Sepulveda, Jon Castro, Sarah Valerie, Ness Ross Zeppelin, Jennifer Rodriguez.

Documentary Crew: Tania Elena, Yaron Urbas, Peggy Hoy, and Michael Villastrigo.


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