Editing with Final Cut Pro | NFLM4627

Editing with Final Cut Pro NFLM4627 

A 15 sessions. Thurs., 6:00 p.m.-8:40 p.m., beg. Sept. 1.

Jeremy Brooke

In this independent DV era, the use of digital video setups at home gives filmmakers an economical and time-efficient way to edit their films. Creating transitions, filters, titles, layered audio, and multiple versions has never been simpler. This course offers a technical introduction to postproduction using Final Cut Pro on Macintosh computers. Using their own existing film or video footage, students learn techniques for organizing footage, capturing and editing picture and sound, and outputting to a DV tape. Note: This course is not intended for students completing a 16mm film project. Students must bring digital video footage ready to edit and a firewire drive to the first session. (3 credits) CRN: 6710