Developing Ideas for Film | NFLM3500

NFLM3500 Developing Ideas for Film CRN: 1762
A 15 sessions. Tuesdays, beg. 8/31/2010 6:00pm–7:50pm

John Freitas

In developing an idea for any film, three primary questions need to be addressed: What are you going to film? How are you going to film it? How are you going to structure the material? In this course, each student develops a concept for a five-minute non-sync-sound film (which could be produced in the Filmmaking Studio course), exploring these questions before production begins. Through class and instructor analysis of each student’s idea, the course covers preproduction details: initial concept, synopsis, treatment, script, storyboards, shot list, scheduling, location scouting, and cost. Through screenings and analysis of classic movie scenes, the cinematic choices available to a filmmaker are explored with a focus on subsequent application, choices about character and story development, narration and dialogue, visual composition and camera placement, jumpcuts, continuity, montage, camera movement, and lighting. Recommended for students planning to take Filmmaking Studio 1. 3 credits