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  1. I am checking out your website Joe. Mark– You are a good writer. And writing about your past will help cleanse the anguish from your system.
    Do you have a little girl? If so, congratulations. Mark

  2. Hey Joe.
    Nice blog keep it up.Do you mind sending me same of the photos you took at the PTK ceremony and at the round table.Thank’s bro.See you in school.


  3. Hey Joe…where have you been, fellow PTKer?? I haven’t seen you since around graduation, so I hope that your summer is going well. Let me know what you have been up to. I will miss you in September…still haven’t made the big decision of where to go. It is between Drew, Rutgers, and FDU. I am leaning towards Drew, which was always my first choice.

    Summer is busy around here, as I am trying to keep the kids busy and read some books that I have been wanting to but don’t get much time during the school year! For the 4th we are going up to Niagara Falls-it will be my first time there.

    Well, keep in touch and hope to see you at some PTK functions in the coming semester…of course we will be back to visit…


  4. Joe,

    I’ve read all of your writtings, what hell I put you through. the only thing I could say is that I’m sorry for screwing up your life. Most of your thoughts about Indiana, are true with the exception of me convinceing the VFW that I was a Veteran. I have served in the Military and proud of that service, but not proud of the way I left you and your sister when I did back in Florida in 1972. That is one of my life’s screw-up. Your mother and I did not get along at all, which is not your’s or your sisters fault. I was young and stupid for getting married at a young age. That was a mistake in my life, but you were-not.
    I wish you all the best in the world, and hope that you do well in this world. You are a good person. Again I’m sorry for screwing up your life. My e-mail is above if you want to contact me. If not that is okay, but please do good with your life. Maybe I never showed it, or said it.. but I have always loved you.

    Good luck in your future Joe.

    A regretful father

  5. Hey Lil Brother,
    Big Sis here I thought I would visit your journal and say Hi!. I see that you know who’s have been here. you know how I feel about the situation. DO NOT GIVE OUT MY INFO PLEASE….

  6. Hey Daddy,
    I don’t know why i’m writing this, but i guess i was just bored. OMG. Nice trick with the Jonas Brothers thing. Haha. Man. I knew it was a joke all along. I knew the Jonas Brothers wasnt coming back to the Taj. I do want to go to a concert in *cough* *cough* Madison Square Garden. 🙂 I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Anyhoooo. Just wanted to say hi.

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