Week 4 | Blackboard Assignment

  • READ: the lecture notes, and
  • CONTRIBUTE: your ideas to the related discussion.

For those who have not yet contributed to the SUNRISE discussion group:

In the Film/Video category of the upper left window, click on the SUNRISE folder and the link it contains.  Watch the film and begin a discussion of its visual atmospheres.  Pay particular attention to the various “in camera” special effects, and to how imaginative they are and to how difficult they must have been to invent.

Begin a discussion in the SUNRISE thread to share your ideas.

Considering that FAUST was Murnau’s last German film and SUNRISE his first American film, what similarities and differences do you notice?

Continue your discussion group on Light and Exposure.  Study the handout on the subject from Week 2.  I want everyone to understand the concept of the chart.

To prepare for our first shoot, please read and understand the methods to prepare the camera and make proper exposures.  There is a handout from last week on this subject.  We will be using the Arriflex SR Camera and the Sekonic Exposure Meter.  It is now becoming essential that you understand the process, so you should know the handouts, Preparation and Shooting, and those for the camera and meter.


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