Week 2 | Blackboard Assignment

New discussion group, LIGHT AND EXPOSURE: 

With regard to the Light and Exposure handout, what is the simple basic mathematical principle that unifies virtually all aspects and elements of the process?  In your discussion of this topic, consider the more global meaning of the word “stop” and how we use it not only to express the iris opening of a lens, but also to express differences between one value and another in each of the elements on the chart handed out in class.

Using your own research and best intuition, explain why you think f:stops (iris, aperture settings on a lens) follow the same mathematical logic as the other items on the chart, even though their numerical representations seem to appear otherwise.  You will have to work on this together.

View the F.W. Murnau film, FAUST, in the film / video category to the left and contribute to a discussion about its visual atmospheres.  Please also contribute to the discussion, noted above, entitled, Light and Exposure.

For those of you who have not yet contributed to the group discussions, please do so.  Begin with the Citizen Kane and Visual Storytelling Methods from Week 1, then continue with Faustand Light and Exposure from Week 2.

For the Citizen Kane discussion, use both the clips and their corresponding filmstrips as the basis for your discussions.


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