Film Strips from (Citizen Kane): Basic Sequence, Montage, & Mise-en-Scene


The Basic Sequence technique uses long shots, medium shots and close-ups to create a visual continuity within the larger scene.  Cut-aways and reverse angles may be added for interest or to cover errors.


The Montage technique uses a series of seemingly unrelated or discontinuous shots which, during the edit, can be assembled to tell a story.


The Mise-en-Scene technique uses a single shot, from a fixed camera position, along with character repositioning within the frame to create the elements of long shot, medium shot and close-up without moving the camera.

Bernstein’s Memory

In this scene, Toland uses a very subtle technique to complement the reporter’s attempt to gain the confidence of Bernstein.  Can you spot it?  How does it serve to support the content of the scene?

via Filmstrips.


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