Cinematography & Lighting | NFLM 3515

NFLM 3515 | Cinematography and Lighting | R 11:45-3:00pm | 66 Fifth Ave, N400 | John Budde

Cinematography and Lighting NFLM3515 

A 15 sessions. Thurs., 12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., beg. Sept. 1. John Budde

In this workshop, students explore theoretical and practical elements of cinematography, with an emphasis on lighting. While learning techniques of studio and location lighting, students also study historical and contemporary trends and styles. Theoretical topics include exposure, color theory, and filters. Professional techniques to alter the look of a film are demonstrated and discussed. Practical tests and scenes are shot using color and black &

white film stocks and digital video. Students explore similarities and differences between film and digital formats, particularly in framing, contrast, and exposure. Recommended for students planning to take Film 3: Advanced Film Production. (3 credits) CRN: 1684 


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