Week 1 | Blackboard Assignment

Purchase a fairly recent edition of the required text (CINEMATOGRAPHY by Kris Malkiewicz).

Please review the handouts provided for this week until you are sure you understand them.  Pay particular attention to Visual Storytelling Methods and Light and Exposure.

Contribute to a discussion (click Discussions in upper left window) about the handout entitled Visual Storytelling Methods.  How are the visual storytelling methods different?  In what ways are they vaguely similar?  Which of them do you think is usually the most difficult to create?  Which the easiest?  Why?

Try to familiarize yourself with the handout entitled Light and Exposure.  We will be discussing it next week.

Please note that if you are graduate or undergraduate level student, you are required to write two papers as described in the handout (provided during the first week).  If you are a certificate student, you are required to write only one paper.  The Syllabus indicates the specific dates your papers are due.  Please check it and submit your papers on time, as that will partially affect your grade.  If you are a non-credit student, no paper is required.

Although the papers are not due for some time, you will surely find it to your advantage if you begin to think now about which films you would like to cover.


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