Visons of Jazz 5.0 []

This is the final revision of “Visions of Jazz”. An English Honors Group Presentation based on the timeline of the book “Jazz” by Toni Morrison.

In this Video I was finally able to add the Narration to the timeline. Special Kudos to Ed Flynn, Sheila Casey, and Raquel Carter for a great job on the Narration.

Shelia Casey wrote the Script and I took care of combining the images, titles, transitions, and audio together to create the video. Dr. John Russell provide Shiela and I with wisdom and guidence throughout the project.

I learned a great deal about myself as a result of this project, I related with the characters in Morrisons book in a way that I cant even understand or express. All I know is that I have changed emotionally and spirtually, and learned how to comfort the lost and confused little boy inside me.

Thank you Toni Morrison for a life changing book, and Thank you to my classmates who worked on the project and Dr.John Russell who was patient and encouraging throuout this videos culimination.


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