Fremont Experience in Las Vegas

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Since I have been in Vegas, I really have not gone or done anything. July 7th, I got off my duff and headed down to Fremont street in old Las Vegas where the electric cowboy lights up the night. It was crowded a little had to dodge around other visitors rubber necking the performances and gawking at the wares the merchants put on display. It was a sight to see, all types of people from every culture in American on this electric street on a Sunday night in Vegas.

Old, young, poor, rich, Latino, Black, White, homeless, homefull all enjoying themselves together in one place. The hourly light show stopped everyone where they stood, and all eyes were diverted to the canopy of Fremont street. the Best place for this hourly event is at either end of the canopy where you can see the entire experience.


One thought on “Fremont Experience in Las Vegas

  1. Yes ! It is Jamaica .. I been to Las Vegas Nevada, when I was 18 it was nice !!I wish I was 21 years old when I went lol ..

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