The Geek Squad: Customer Service Hell (Update)

Best Buy has done the right thing, it is unfortunate that I had to Contact their Customer Care department to get something done, ok this is what happened since my last post. On march 5th I received this email:


Thank you for contacting Best Buy about repairs. I’m Katie with Customer Care.

We appreciate your concern about your recent laptop repair service and we are currently researching this situation. We will be contacting you again very soon.

Thank you for sharing your comments with Best Buy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions or concerns.

Best Wishes from Best Buy,

Katie and the Customer Care Team

A couple of days later I received a Phone message from the Manager from Geek Squad telling me that they were going to pay for my laptop repair. This is 4 weeks after I had dropped it off. I called her back on the following Thursday. She was trying to convince me into letting them repair my laptop, this was a little suspicious to me, and when i asked about the so called “case damage” to my laptop, she had played it off, I told her that i wanted to inspect my laptop before i agreed to the repair. Laptops are sympathetic it you drop them, they may not malfunction right away but later down the line they will.

So on that 3/8/07 i inspected my laptop and the back of the case was damaged, I pointed out to the manager “Hugo” (excellent manager). and he offered to replace my laptop. So I have a New laptop.


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