My Scholarship Essay

College has changed my life; in the short year that I have attended Union County College (UCC), I have become “anew” three times. The first time in developmental English with Professor Maxwell, she taught me how to write and express my thoughts, opinions, and ideas on paper, she has helped me develop my voice and has encouraged and motivated me along the way. The second time was in Psychology 101 with Professor Tharney; He challenged me intellectually and exposed me to my own self-deception, errors in thinking, and my overused defense mechanisms. I became anew a third time during the spring 2007 semester in Dr. Russell English Honors class. He supported and provided me with the tools I needed to explore my potential as a writer, artist, and poet. His insight guided me during my journey through my past and helped me emerge as man who has made peace with it. His words of wisdom were important in helping me build up the courage to throw away years of the collected mental baggage that I picked up along the way. In his class, I was able to discover my potential and develop my identity.

I have experience tremendous success within my first year at UCC. I have learned a great deal about the people I attend class with and the many different cultures that are present here. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to my fellow students as a computer tutor in the Academic Learning Center. I have come to know and respect those I help, and honored to be able to assist in their understanding of technology. I try to lead others by example, and show them that if I can do it, so can they. I was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), Honors Society in April 2007. I am grateful for the chance to be in the UCC honors program. I never thought that I could accomplish so much in so little time and that I had the potential that I discovered here at UCC.

As a high school dropout, I never imagined that I would start a second year of college: As a member of an Honors Society; an honoree on the National Deans List; speaking a new language; As an officer in student government; and a member of a student advisory board. I never imagined that I would be building relationships with professors, staff, and students that would last a lifetime. A scholarship will help me reach my potential. It will give me an opportunity to grow intellectually, emotionally, and academically. I look forward to another year of college, another year of personal growth and maturity. I look forward in learning how I can become the father, son, brother, man that I was meant to be.


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