Response to Margaret Atwood’s, “Pornography”

    I never new, before reading Margaret Atwood’s story, “Pornography”, that there was such a thing as violent pornography. I never heard about it or seen it, nor would I want to see violent pornography. I have on occasion, once in a blue moon, utilized the internet to look at pornography; I have never seen the violent destructive pornography that she speaks about. I believe that it exists, there are some crazy things that people are into, but it would turn my stomach and make me hurl. I agree with Atwood, that pornography is addictive and too much of anything is never good for anyone. When I was young and began having an interest in girls I crept into my father’s room for a peek at the magazines he had stacked in his closet. I had access to them only when no one was in the house. Today everything is on the internet. Porn is the number one reason why people go online, the second is email. You can not prohibit pornography, even if you wanted to, it would have the same effect that prohibition did on alcohol use: increase its consumption. So what can we do as a society? The answer is educate.


3 thoughts on “Response to Margaret Atwood’s, “Pornography”

  1. i totatly agree with you on that. she also mentioned that people in favor believe that pornography exploits women through the use of degrading images.

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