Response to “The Kite Runner”

I was disgusted when I read that Amir did nothing to help Hassan that day in the alley. I could understand his fear, but I can not understand his lack of action to help his friend. The outcome and the decisions that Amir makes in this story, stem from one character choice not to show affection toward his son. Amir longing for affection did anything he could to win approval from his father. Baba didn’t give it that often, and when he did Amir had to make sacrifices for it. I, like Amir, ached for my father’s attention and love when I was a boy; I acted out, behaved badly, and got into trouble. I understand how Amir felt growing up. But I never did what Amir did in this story. I felt the fear the Amir felt, when Baba stood up to the Russian soldier, and I cried when Baba died. The author tells this story very well, I wonder if this is his story.


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