Response to “Should the State Know Your HIV Status?”

This is a tough issue to discuss. I think state and federal government should keep their noses out of their citizens business, especially medical records. I also feel that people should be more responsible for their health, and if knowingly infect others be held accountable. The problem with mandatory testing is it makes people comply, and people in general do not like to be told what to do. It will force people who need testing into hiding in fear of being pointed out publicly. The state and federal governments are supposed to have in place programs, and treatments for those infected with HIV, but do not. The cost of medication is still too high, especially for those who need it the most. I am against the government snooping in the private lives of its citizens. If you give them an inch, next time they will want two, than three. AIDS is scary, and we need for a cure. We need to make sure government owns up to the promise made. However, I think government involvement in this situation is a necessary evil to prevent the spread of HIV.


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