Response to “Parallel Worlds.”

    It is no surprise to me that Country-and-Western and Rap music are similar. They both sound the same to me, except rap talks about status, images, money and “bitches” and Country-and-Western sings about pick-up trucks, gun racks, and two timing yeller belly adulterers. They are both entertaining and annoying almost at the same time. My ears start to ring whenever I am in earshot of any device that spurts out this type of music. Both genres have a purpose, to let known, in their unique ways the woes of the lives of those trying to make money off of their heartache and sorrow: Country-and-Western, or exaggerated socials status and image: Rap music. I must admit, when I was around ten years old, I went to see the Oakridge boys in concert at the state fair, and when break dancing was popular, I was doing the backspin to rap music. But as I aged, and the genres changed so did my taste in Country-and-Western and Rap music.


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