Response to “On Aids.”

     I have read this essay four times, there is the worst story I have read thus far in class. It has left me scratching my head; I am more confused about AIDS than I was before I read this essay. It is obvious that this author needs to read Lipson to refresh her memory on how to cite sources. The only information that I learned from this essay was that AIDS is being compared to cancer and syphilis and AIDS symptoms are as well defined as other diseases. While I was reading this essay, I felt that I was being held hostage in a conversation, and I was just nodding my head, as the author was speaking to me. I only understood bits and pieces of the conversations. I went to sleep thinking maybe that I was tired and so bright and early 5:30AM, after washing my face and brushing my teeth, I read this essay a third time. Nope it is not me, it is the way this essay is written, confusing, and no direction.


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