Response to “No Name Woman”

I am flabbergasted to hear how the villagers in this story treated the pregnant women, even if she did get pregnant from a man that wasn’t her husband. What was even more shocking was how the family just forgot her, dismissed that she was ever alive, after she killed herself and her baby. No mourning for the lost of a family member, no sadness for the lost life of a child, just disgust for the disgrace she brought to the family. That is the difference I think between American culture and other cultures. In America it is easier to forgive the wrongs of others. Family is more important than how something looks or is perceived by others. In America “blood is thicker than water”. The unforgiving Chinese culture is harsh on its women; I do not see how a culture could treat women that way, as servants or second class citizens. I am glad I read this story, it increased my awareness of the societal mores that other cultures have. I am glad to live in the United States where everyone has the opportunity to be accepted as who they are and women are considered to be the mothers of humanity


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