Response to “Mommy what does ‘Nigger’ Mean?”

    I hate that word; The N-word it is a very tricky word. It has so many meanings, depending on who, and what context it is used. The author answered some questions that I had about the use of the word; even though I have heard it used in various situations, by African Americans, and by whites, but with different meanings. I have been called the N-word in a friendly context. I just hate that word, too much controversy, too much hate. People were lynched by mobs chanting that word with evil and hate running through their veins. I have heard African Americans use the term, often as a term of familiarity, endearment, or kinship. I just hate that word in any context. Words are very powerful; people are elected, and murdered over the utterance of them. Negative words have a negative impact, not only to the person the word is spoken to, but by the person who is speaking them.


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