Response to “In Defense of Talk Shows.”

    The good ole days of meaningful talk shows died when Phil Donahue called it quits. It began to wither before that with shows like Jerry Springer and Maury. There was once a time when people believed in what happened on those shows, it is what made the show appealing to its viewers. Maury Povich, Montel Williams, and Geraldo Rivera once respected talk show host who spoke about important societal issues eventually sold out to sensationalism in favor of ratings. Every single episode of “Maury” and “Jerry Springer” are the exactly same but with different misguided guest who belittle their families or friends on national television. Montel Williams’ public humiliation and insincere sermons to guest who do wrong is what attracts his viewers. There are still some good talk shows out there: Oprah, The Tyra Banks show. Still, I would like to see more meaningful talk shows that speak about the issues that are important. I would like to see more discussions on talk shows about the war in Iraq, gay marriage, women in the workplace, the war on drugs, and the direction of our nation’s youth. But all I see is paternity test results, partial nudity, and staged fights.


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