Response to “Hip Hop article.”

    I commend those who use Hip Hop as a means of expressing themselves. They resort to words and rhythm to let the masses know about the social injustices they face rather than violence. The power of rhythmic words has given voice to America’s youth, not just blacks, but browns, and yes whites as well. Although Hip Hop has become commercialized over the last ten or so years, it still gives voice to those who were not able to speak up. Hip Hop brings people together on positive terms not negative.

I think what Hip Hop should do is steer it devoted followers towards self development, and empowerment, and get off the “look what I’ve got” mentality. Hip Hoppers are driving Mercedes Benz’s but still live in public housing, or are decked out in the $150 sneakers, $120 Jeans, $100 shirt, and $30 socks, but have no food in their cabinets. Hip Hop needs to start taking social responsibility, because, that is the message that Hip Hop wants to be heard.


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