Response to “Erotica vs. Pornography.”

    Before reading this I did not know what the difference between Erotica and Pornography were. I never actually seen the violence that the author speaks about in pornography. Maybe if boys were introduced to the female body at a younger age they would not consider it so forbidden. That is what made me, when I was younger, want to go sneak a peek at my father’s nudie book collection. But because it is forbidden, it naturally will make boys curious, which in turn can lead them into viewing the sick pornography that the author speaks about. I do not condone violence against women of any kind. So I will stop using Google to search for pornography and instead use the word Erotica. If I sound sarcastic or callous it is not my intention and I extend my apologies to those whom I offended. This author has already changed my view of pornography and I just can not quit cold turkey. Pornography is an addiction to many. So I have to wean myself, slowly away from porn.


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