Response to “Abortion Is Too Complex. To Feel All One Way About.”

Pro-choice and Pro-life supporters need to walk in each others shoes for a day, not only each others shoes, but the shoes of the pregnant fourteen year old, the thirty-something who intended to get pregnant. Let them face the choices that these women have to make. Then they will see that the life altering decisions do not come as easy as they believe. All human life no how small or miniscule deserves the right to thrive and grow. There are cases when rational decisions need to be made to abort. Examples are in case where the fetus has defects, a deformity, or the chances of survival are slim. Ultimately it is up to the mother to make this difficult decision.

I am on the line with this issue. I believe in life and in choice, when rational thinking is involved. I have a friend who was pregnant. Her decision not to abort and put the baby up for adoption was admirable; she gave the baby to a family who had the resources to provide better future for the child then she could. She has the opportunity to visit the child and have a relationship if she chooses. I can’t imagine making such a tough decision. If she chose to abort that decision would have haunted her for the rest of her life.


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