Handling a Computer Installation Problem

Potential problems may arise during the installation of a computer system. The kind of problems in my experience falls in three broad categories: Hardware, Software, and Ergonomics. In this essay I will discuss a potential hardware computer installation problem and I will reveal possible causes for this problems and suggest solutions to resolve it.

One can only pray for a pain free and easy computer installation, but the truth is that there is always a obstacle to overcome and a problem to resolve; you may encounter a clean and hassle free computer installation every once in awhile, but remember if it was that easy, anyone could do it.. When building a new computer a technician must consider hardware compatibility. The days of “Plug and Pray” are coming to an end with new releases of more advance operating systems. However, hardware malfunctions or installation problems can occur and do more often then not.

Problem: The PC seems to boot up fine, but there is no display. A possible Cause is could be the monitor cables. A Solution is to make sure that the cable between the monitor and PC is secured tightly. If the monitor has a separate power cord, make sure the cord is connected firmly at both ends. Another possible solution is to check the video card. If the monitor is working fine, it’s time to power down the computer, disconnect the power source, and open the computer case. Once you locate the video card, remove it from the expansion slot. Check to see if the card is damaged. If it looks to be damaged, replace it with a known good video care and try to boot the computer again with the monitor turned on. If it is integrated video they problem may lie with the motherboard, However, This is not likely, but it’s worth considering. It’s unlikely because you would almost surely be having other motherboard-related problems, such as random reboots or lockups, or a system that refuses to boot at all.


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