Back from the Abyss…

Monday i fell into the abyss, took me two days to climb out. I cried today, an attempted cry on the bus and a full out bawling in the cafeteria, I hid it, from everyone. embarrassing it is. A grown man, of 34 crying. i needed to let it out, all of the emotions that have been bottled up, that i repressed over the years. I am glad i did, I feel relieved. Relieved of all the baggage, maybe not all the baggage, but definatley, a duffle bag or two. all of those repressed emotions that I have carried around all of these years, I have like Joe Trace from Morrison’s JAZZ, become new.


One thought on “Back from the Abyss…

  1. Joe,

    Don’t feel embarrassed my friend. It’s okay for us guys to cry. Sometimes we all need that release. I know I do from time to time. I actually just finished having a good hard cry just a few minutes ago. Don’t feel bad. It just means you’re normal….lol!

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