All is not well in Elizabeth….

I am tired of having to pay the price for my roomate. After today I told him that we do not need to speak to each other, I dont like him, because he is fake and trying to show off at my expense, I dont know who or what gave him the idea that I am a weak person. It seems that he thinks that he scares me. The only thing that scares me about him is his stupidity.

How he puts himself out there to be a bigshot. Last week someone split his lip, actually punched him in the face. He didnt seek revenge on that person, he didnt bring three of his friends to jump him.

But me, I say a few words to him, and he flys off the handle? so I told him, we dont have to speak to each other, but he thinks that I am weak he is mistaken, I do not want to talk to him, becuse I know that conversation would be fake and insincere. He is younger than me, 22 or 23, he hasnt made the choices that I have, and I havent made the choice he has. So we agreed not to speak to each other…..but he will break “radio silence” and ask me computer questions by this weekend.


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